As Mysterious, Untouched As Loango

Although visiting cruise Gabon is not accessible but when you arrive here, visitors from Asia as we will find themselves rewarded. A former French colony, has overcome the dispute with the West African country, this country is famous for many wildlife species of special and promises to become an attractive destination for green tourism in the future .

Although go ahead of many neighboring war-ravaged tourism in Gabon is still spontaneous, transport and infrastructure backward and needy. Outside the capital, Libreville, about 85% of the area of ​​Gabon is still forest and up to 20% of plant species here are not found in any other place on earth. Gabon is an undiscovered paradise of the jungle, of the beach, the river and the beautiful unspoilt scenery.

Libreville – City magnificent Komo river

Libreville is the capital city of Gabon’s largest city with about 1 million people (2/3 of the national population), located west of Gabon, on the shores of the Atlantic, owned a commercial harbor side Komo River, near Gulf of Guinea, where the timber is mainly goods are moved from the place of.

Libreville was influenced from French architecture can be seen here the building, the monument was designed in accordance with French style.

The beaches are suitable location for a weekend picnic. It is also the city with the most expensive prices in the world for international tourists.

Typically, areas where oil is arid ground, so that is blessed, whether oil exporting countries (official member of OPEC), Gabon was dubbed the “lungs Monday ” of the world. Summer is the most pleasant season in Libreville, daytime temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees C. But there are times when a little sultry but Libreville still attracts a lot of tourists from all over.

In Gabon, French is the official language. Children learn French from kindergarten. The majority of intellectuals trained in France. In the hotel, we were amazed to hear the waiter said that fruits and vegetables for cooking diners are used daily … transported by plane from France!

Gabon Capitol was built on a hill, the city center about 15 minutes by car. Where he is also an international convention center, called great: “City of democracy”.

From the hotel, we walked through the streets with an array of ceramic wall segments running massive, majestic waving in the rolling terrain, surrounded by hills to visit a few bright spots. Large front soldiers wearing camouflage stood guard. Heard that the prime minister’s home, private homes, not because it was the residence of private property was the family residence where the prime minister’s everyday living and state buildings also monumental much.

The people we met in Gabon street are enthusiastic. Especially here we can never see beggars. Taxi drivers also do not ask for a tip.

Along the beach, a few private cars patiently waiting to greet visitors. Under the shade of the grove eagles, wheelchairs affordable refreshments sold as coconut water, bottled soft drinks, beer … with Serenity looks pleasant.

Church of Saint Michel is an interesting address in Libreville, famous for wood carving 31 column described the story in the Bible by a blind artist created Gabon.

In Libreville there are two bustling markets and Mont-Bouet Nkembo, where we spoiled watching and choose to buy the stone sculptures are produced according to the tastes of tourists as well as local traditional products , from wooden masks to aboriginal pottery, wooden statues, musical instruments, leather …

Loango National Reserve

New Loango National Park is the most unique destination of Gabon and Africa. This is where the preservation of untouched beaches, dozens of kilometers of fresh water near the break and equatorial jungle.

But what really makes the unique beach in Loango are beasts walking along the sand – hippos, forest elephants, buffalo, newspapers, gorillas, turtles skin (leatherbacks) cows lay eggs in the sand, tourists can sometimes see whales along the coast sprinkler

Flip Nicholson – guides Zimbabweans have very standard French accent took us along the river by small boat eight seats. “Somewhat a bit rough but okay. I believe that things are about to appear attractive in the trip will make you happy “- he smiled when saw someone in the group expressed little concern.

Boat upstream, along the river grows more dense vines, behind the dim woods seemed impregnable. At first, we kept wondering if this is a bird watching tour because every few meters to see a kingfisher uncle, countless herons, storks, vultures, palm oil … Sometimes there is a fish or bird eagle enclosure feet across Africa.

“It is charming!” – He exclaimed when you go see a tawny red boar with hairy ears pricked, long mustache emerged from the waterfront view our snorted, then flashes in the forest . I thought anyone would compliment a charming boar ever. When encountering a herd of buffalo, the same work is also taking place, both turned above us with ears pricked high alert and brimming ran to see him.

Mention there’s nothing surprising here animals are wary of humans. National Park were only formed in 2002, when President Bongo Ondimba recognize the excessive dependence of the economy on oil resources – the resources will be depleted gradually.

With the abundance of wild animals, especially baboons varieties, rich vegetation and unique rainforests of South Africa, tourism is the key to the economy of Gabon is still poor. He said: “Gabon has the potential to become an attractive destination four visitors want to see the natural wonders left on earth”.

Thirteen national parks was born. Hunting is a normal activity in this country, so had some idea of ​​the State as opposed to many national parks planning. How to solve the contradiction between the interests of large and small benefit long term ahead is the right to choose notorious hunters hire them as protected national forest. It is they who understand the nature here than anybody else and become a team of great forest preserve.

Some alligators are exposing ourselves as the logs floated down the river, while the hippo quickly dive into the water when the boat approaching. Recently a bend of the river, we were confronted by a male elephant. Other varieties fellow elephants here in eastern and southern Africa. Small children and they seem more timid, very big ears, round and straight tusks blush.

By English is not smooth, Flip tries to explain to us the name as well as the biological characteristics of each species as well as how to recognize a male kingfisher. He was impressed by trying to explain in both English and French for us to understand that water is a male pheasant rather brooding hens. We regret his French capital is not sufficient to handle this trip.

Trekking through the forest

The skills of a veteran hunter proved very useful during trekking through the forest the next morning. He Ferre – guided by the National Park Service took us through the forest to the coast. The trip lasted about five hours, through the murky forest range. Select walkway on the trail of the group before leaving, he just showed us to avoid obstacles on the road, just after Vanh walls of many species names and their use.

World full of new plants in front of us. This is the okume tree with carved wooden pirogues used to, while the plastic used in traditional ceremonies. Kia is niovu plants have antiseptic is used for women at childbirth. Especially rare species called ifero led us to observe longer because always bring good luck to everyone. Locals believe that this tree can help identify a more suitable job, higher income or help find a mate like that…

Along the way, sometimes we see a red-headed monkeys, spot-nosed monkey, antelope. Buffalo, elephants and pigs result is available River. When Ferre pointed to a large tree, we could see a chimp family. Quickly discovered in the world who are not his, they immediately suspected and quickly passed away on the high branches.

During the trip, we also visited a house up in the trees, where BBC has made a movie about the red head monkey. To reach the house, we had to climb over a wooden ladder was rickety and crossed a walkway made of nets and ropes. It feels very vulnerable to fall to the ground but no one any problems and experiences that people were confirmed no less interesting is what was discovered in Gabon this strange country.

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