Paris: The Divine Beauty of the City of Light

Bringing ancient beauty to Europe, France has tourist sites, beautiful cities famous attract many visitors around the world. Along with the beautiful appearance, the government and the French people are gradually improving and developing hospitality to the country is always pride of culture and beauty of their own.
France is also known as the fashion capital of the world with cities, fashion boutiques and merchandise variety of materials. However, prices in France are quite expensive, especially the tourist season.
If you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful country, do not miss the opportunity to visit famous tourist sites such as the famous Eiffel Tower, many splendid ancient palaces such as Chambord Castle, Chateau Versailles, museums Biggest in the world’s second best artworks of the era.
Paris is the capital city of France, also an important administrative center of this country. Located in northern France, Paris is built on the banks of the river Seinne, which is also the intersection of the two rivers Seinne and Marne. Paris has a temperate ocean climate. With a fairly strong influence of the ocean, Paris has an average summer cooler of 18 degrees Celsius, not too cold in winter, about 6 degrees Celsius.
With the favorable climate of nature, plus the ancient buildings were built for a long time, each year Paris attracted 30 million foreign tourists. Since then, the field of tourism has been a strong concern of both the French government and the citizens of Paris. In addition to the protection and development of famous architecture, they also actively build the country on a green and beautiful, the art continues to be built as hotels, shops, medium Mind culture tourism …, issues of culture and society are more and more attention.
Coming to the capital of Paris, visitors can not miss the chance to visit the famous architecture such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, the Picasso Museum …, enjoy the food poisoning European style with French wine, French bread, fatty goose liver, French cheese … and enjoy a comfortable stay in the most luxurious and modern hotels in the world.
In addition, Paris is considered as the fashion capital of the world with streets, stores, shopping malls and large variety of goods. This is the convergence of the most famous fashion brands in the world with the trend of the most modern dress. Visitors to Paris love walking around fashion malls or outdoor clothing businesses, and buy their own items or give them to relatives who celebrate the capital’s time tour. World page.
All of these special features are attracting a growing number of visitors to Paris. If you want to explore the world’s most fashionable fashion trends, visit the great works of art of mankind, and enjoy the culinary culture and cuisine, go to Paris. Surely visitors will be fascinated at first sight in front of the capital light luxury flashy and modern. And coming to Paris, visitors will have the opportunity to witness and feel directly the characteristics of the capital of light, you will find that Paris is beautiful, luxurious and bold colors of arts and culture than any good book. What document describes.
If Paris was a pretty girl, she would be more perfect every day. Even when experiencing major events, the capital of light does not seem to lose a little of its sparkle and charm. Still image of the buildings painted yellow with iron moss balcony dreaming, the bakery good on the spirit of “eating is an art,” elegant life gracefully printed in every corner of the street. All will make you unforgettable if witnessed once.
Agree, Parisian cuisine is exquisite, because they are made with great chefs. And it would be flawed if you wandered around to savor the tastes of being without the chef’s restaurant, Alain Ducasse, who owns 14 Michelin stars.
Again, if you can not enjoy the food at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant, it is fortunate that you find it easy to find a Michelin-star restaurant in Paris. It is important to have both luxury but at a price you can afford: from 35 to 70 euros, not too expensive for a good meal in the world’s light capital.

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