Kruger National Park – South Africa

Kruger National Park is a perfect tourist destination in South Africa, year round with hot, subtropical temperatures in the summer and cold winter nights. The dry winter months are an ideal time to look at wildlife, however, when the summer is over, heavy rainfall will fill up the water holes and turn the savanna into a lush green landscape with many species. Migratory birds and wildlife.
The top national park in South Africa gives visitors the ideal opportunity to visit the ever-untapped prairies, the raging river, the ancient culture as well as the wildlife. The most symbolic of the country.
Kruger National Park is a large wildlife community, covering an area of 2 million hectares. Possessing open savannah and dense woods, South Africa’s largest protected area and national park is home to elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, leopards and buffalo. These animals are also known as the “Five Mammal Species” of Africa. Kruger is also famous for the diversity of wildlife. It is home to about 150 mammal species, 110 reptiles and 500 bird species. Visitors can see all the large predators within this park.

Kruger National Park

Take a guided drive around the sanctuary and watch the giraffes, zebras and African gazelles. Most of the roads are paved with stone and are suitable for ordinary cars. You can rest after a long drive at designated stopovers and experience the full range of sounds, scents and colors of this untamed land. Visitors can download maps and routes from the park’s website. To get closer to the wildlife, book a trip on a convertible. Park security guards and followers will lead visitors to places where these animals often gather. If you feel energetic, you can walk to explore the park with experienced guides on a one or more day walking tour. Kruger National Park also has hundreds of archaeological sites. In the central area of the park, discover the ruins dating back to the Late Iron Age and the reconstructed village of Masorini. Further north, find out more evidence of prehistoric residence at Thulamela.
Guests can reach Kruger National Park from three points: Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport and Phalaborwa Airport. After arriving here, rent a car to start your journey.
We start departing from Johannesburg. This is a large city with good traffic system, so the means of transportation is simple. Kruger Park’s nearest gateway can be called Numbi, more than 400km from Johannesburg. Numbi is conveniently located above sea level compared to other gates, allowing visitors to observe almost the entire protected area. Speaking of “port”, but apart from some signs at eye level, there are almost no other signs to identify. Numbi lies quietly at the end of the road as an unexpected stop between what man has created and what nature does not want to intrude on. Thousands of trees, in the afternoon sun became unusually beautiful, perhaps also because of the basic psychology of humans when returning to nature is fun. Coming close to the trees, small huts are hidden in nature and built with environmentally friendly materials.
The hostel is no exception, with a courteous color and only modestly accommodating space between the large trunks. The size of the small lodges, but the management also try to create comfort for visitors when equipped with air conditioning, hot water and bedding mattress is quite quiet. Notice that apart from the gas station, there are both restaurants and supermarkets, so guests can rent utensils and barbecues for dinner. Early in the morning, when it was not warm, the first interesting thing came out. Not from the forest, but from the guide’s information. Choose accommodation for overnight stays ranging from bungalows, luxury guest houses to campsites. Guests need to wear long, natural-colored clothing and use insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites and do not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen and other essential outdoor items.
The tour is called here is quite strange: Game Viewing. Called the game because of the nature of the tour, after all, just like a game, because seeing wildlife is neither uncontrollable nor complaining. People strictly abide by the law of conservation here, so there is no pressure or try to push the animals out of hiding place for visitors to see. So in the end, to see something maybe just can not wait for … good luck. However, thanks to the nature of the game, so in the eyes, everyone is eager, eagerly out. Six o’clock in the morning, wheelchair. Ranger terrain vehicles can run very fast, running slowly with limited speed at 30km / hour so that visitors can see the scenery around.
Roads, asphalt or pebble, are also very nice and neat. It is still too early to drive away from the 50km radius around the resort, stopping at another gate for visitors to rest and have breakfast. A simple English breakfast, however, will remain in the minds of many visitors because the vast green forests are watching us through every trunk, each blade of grass. Travel here develops environmentally friendly, even breakfast chairs with natural materials, not painted, gives the feeling of “rustic” is great!
The tour still starts after breakfast, and although everyone is looking forward to seeing the Big 5 (five kinds of animals are considered dangerous because of the ability to attack high tourists are elephants, leopards, lions, numb But only elephants appear, along with some birds, impala, giraffes, buffaloes and boars. The pumpa pig model in the Lion King movie with a tail can be high upright with white feathers at the tail end is very interesting. The trip does not simply look at the animals, they also gather a lot of information from the guides, such as impala can not bear children until it feels appropriate natural conditions.
Elephants appear much and despite their dangerous language, it only attacks people out of the car … People try to keep their wild behavior in all the possible ways, one of which is that the rules are not given. Birds or animals eat, apply a fairly high penalty if visitors do not comply. Two o’clock in the afternoon, the car returns to the guest house to relax. Here, if you like, you can apply for more Night Game, night out. Night games are risk aversion, as some fierce predators will appear at night. In order to participate in this trip, each person must sign a pledge of their own safety, and invite two others to sign the witness.
After signing and booking the tour, people have some time to buy souvenirs, buy an animal guide, or simply watch the sunset on the prairie. The sunset in Kruger Park is beautiful with orange-red crowns on bundles and grass swinging in the wind, exactly the kind of steps previously seen only on the computer screen, or online.
At five o’clock in the afternoon, the Night Game started unpredictably, only to find many hyenas looking for prey. The plus point of this tour is that experienced guides should be very well prepared for visitors, including leggings, because at night, the temperature drops fast and is unpredictable.
Ending a day full of sightseeing Kruger National Park, the night falls in the flickering fire under the huge trees, barbecued meat smells faintly empty stomach empty, sweet fresh mixed salad. The next morning, leaving the jungle behind, people bring back to Johannesburg. Visiting Kruger Park, not only the pleasure of traveling, it also gives us the feeling of discovery, adventure, betting with luck and lots of useful information.

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