Niagara Falls, the majestic beauty

Niagara Falls is a waterfall of the Niagara River, is the largest and most powerful waterfalls in North America with the majestic beauty for less unbeatable. Niagara Falls consists of three separate waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls is located on the Canadian side, sometimes also known as the Canadian falls; the American falls is located between U.S – Canada border and a smaller waterfall which Cascades veils the bride. Though not high but the Niagara Horseshoe Falls higher: very wide range 53m, 790 m, while the broader U.s. 323m wide waterfall.
Niagara Falls is a waterfall in the river Niagra in North America, the natural border between the two countries the United States and Canada. The city on the banks of each country are named in Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall in the world after the Victoria Falls in southern Africa. The city of Niagara Falls in New York State of the United States and the city of Niagara Falls in Ontario province of Canada.

Niagara is one of the world famous waterfall is natural. Here in any season of the year, you will also be captivated by the majestic scenery and charm. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Niagara-1 in 10 of majestic and beautiful waterfalls in the world from the foot of the falls, a convenient and affordable way for is excursions by boat. The ferries run from from the Niagara scenic visitors get to either side of the River before going into the fall. Before the boat down, tourists were slicker. If standing in the deck then despite wearing raincoats but when a boat came near the foot of the falls you suffer the water stream li ti shoot as rain in the face, in person. But that wasn’t the genus that also bring interesting feeling. The people shouting, laughing said, Oh up fun when the water flow is under the 1991 face torrential, into the wet puts nhèm. You are the ear echoes thundering water falls. If coming on sunny day, you will experience the waterfalls scene tung white foam under the seven Rainbow colors that create sprawl, States a virtual Heaven.

Niagara has large and stable water, water capacity at the largest waterfall in the world. On average during the year, the amount of water flowing over the falls in each second is 6,740 meters. Power violently when poured down has created a giant Lake with a depth of 55 metres achieved most. In the Lake, the water swirling water foam, intense shoot dozens of meters high.

Visit the cluster of Niagara is located on the border between the two countries, the US and Canada, visitors will experience and explore the resort and entertainment in both sides of the Niagara River. In the banks of Canada, the Niagara has the monumental landscape compared to American coast with many beautiful landscapes along the series Casino, hotel and many bustling shophouses.

Also banks in America and you’ll see a river all flow, can wander in a vast national park that does not follow the instructions very easy to lost. Go between a cool blue eyes of grass, flowers, listen to the wind, the sound of the waterfall, explore the natural beauty of this place really have nothing interesting. If there is time left in the evening here, you can enjoy the lyrical landscapes exhibition when night falls. At this Niagara becomes more fanciful, shimmering with high pressure lamp systems of many colors.

The name Niagara according to some history books, it is derived from “Onguiaahra” in the Iroquois language, meaning “the water’s roar”. Niagara is known from the 17th century, thanks to the discovery of Louis Ennepin, who had found out the falls of St. Anthony.

Niagara Falls are both the United States and Canada invested to build, preserve, as well as promotion. In the summer months, the number of visitors increased.

Every year, the Niagara to welcome tens of millions of tourists from home and abroad, bring billions of dollars of American resources. In particular, many heads of State as well as celebrities like Queen Elizabeth, the family of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the Prime Minister of India, Canada, the US President, President of the USSR (former Soviet Union), Chairman of the China …

Sure, with each visitor when the opportunity arrived this place will have many beautiful images to stay in his memory.

Niagara fascinated by spectacular scenery and charm all day and night. The beauty of Niagara four season changes. Daylight, white foam toss falls under the Rainbow colors at the background, at present. The majority of visitors choose to walk around the shore, lie side sunbathing lawns, listening watching the unimpeachable waterfall flowers. When night falls, high pressure lamp systems with multiple colors on frame of the falls becomes magical, sparkling.

The visitors have the opportunity to come here ever again resided a night to admire the magical beauty. Occasionally, on Friday evening and Sunday, visitors to the falls will be watching fireworks shoot with the beautiful blooming beam in the sky. Each year, the Niagara more than 20 million tourists are welcome, bring billions of dollars of revenues. 20% of the world’s fresh water is in most flows over Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is where the couple found in the fall to increase romantic love. Especially in the fall of Niagara Fall always appear Rainbow coating on the majestic waterfalls, sparkling colours as in the tales.

The interesting thing of Niagara is beautiful all four seasons, each season a seem. Spring tree leaves growth bouncing loc, the northern region snow and ice melt is also the water season. In summer, the Rainbow that appeared throughout the day, there are those at 3, 4 the Rainbow knit together creates interesting phenomena. Autumn leaves change color along the banks, creating a perfect picture. This is the most beautiful season of the year, the white waterfall was embellished by the treeline is moving gradually from blue to pale yellow is young, Golden apricot, lemon yellow, then magenta, red, Crimson, purple. Scenery on both sides of the falls is a natural painting fantasy with myriad splendid colors.

Winter, water vapor due to the falls flow up clinging to the branches of trees, cliffs, the architectural works then freezes again, look to the city title snow and ice in the fairy tales. At that, the hard icy river may travel, skating on the Lake. When winter lasts, the Niagara Falls froze completely stretching across the river and created the “stone bridge”. This ice bridge can extend several miles from the top of the falls into the river.
It is also one where the newlywed couples choose to honeymoon. One of the interesting things will surprise you, Niagara Falls is known as the honeymoon capital of the world rather than Hawaii, Paris or Venice. The more the US President or the brother of the French Emperor Napoleon’s famous also chose this place for a honeymoon.

Smokeless industry extremely developed. Investors poured money into building the recreation area, flower garden, Petting Zoo, hotels, restaurants, shopping, the Casino along both sides of U.s.-Canadian border. Major hotel corporations like Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton are investing heavily in this area. Good infrastructure system, the regional airport, with excellent motorway system connects with major cities have attracted tourists to this place. Just an hours drive away, one can avoid the noisy, boisterous, glorious riot of municipalities like Toronto to immerse yourself in nature.

Niagara also tourist attractions by the giant entertainment complex and spectacular as: Skylon Tower, Minolta, geological Museum, the Museum of the Institute of Marine Studies Institute, Niagara Falls, and greenhouse plants, Marineland Aquarium, the Park, the cluster of modern theater, the shopping mall and Casino Niagara. Here ready to meet every need fun, relaxing break of all classes, from the newlywed couple to honeymoon, the elderly retire go scenic until children are enchanted to discover, learn, women love shopping, or you want to try maximum red black when there are three Casino is open day and night service.

The incredible wonders in Niagara

Is the most powerful waterfall in North America with 12,000 years old, Niagara also TRANS world famous centuries also by the “gentle” in so many accidents that have both the intentionally or unintentionally. They all survived when crashed from the top of the falls!
October,1829, Sam Patch Guy suddenly jump and survived, open up traditional “Canyoning” adventure attraction for many people. On 24/10/1901, a teacher aged 63 in the State of Michigan (USA) named Annie Edson Taylor was the first to cross the waterfall in a barrel. She also survived, but suffered a scratch built double room on the body but virtually unharmed. After Ms. Taylor, 14 other people also like to canyoning with a certain media. A few people unharmed but most seriously injured. Those who survived the adventure games are all accused and punished because the prohibition of jumping the falls has been launched in both countries.

Incredible miracle happened on 9/7/1960, a 7 year old boy named American Roger Woodward has survived when falling from the top of the Horseshoe Falls, Fall down that are only protected by a buoy. Her older sister, Deanne, rescued only mouth as long as 6 meters waterfall. A few minutes later, Roger was saved at the foot of the falls by those aboard the Maid of the Mist. His incredible survival was reported around the world.
Each year, the Niagara Falls attracts tens of millions of tourists visit this waterfall, in which many heads of State as well as celebrities like Queen Elizabeth, the family of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the Prime Minister of India, Canada, the US President, President of the USSR (former Soviet Union) , President of the Prc … came here. The novelist, painter, artist also come here to find inspiration.

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