San Francisco travel and 5 precious experiences

San Francisco is one of the many Fine attractions and foreign guests to choose from. Is the most populous city, the 14th-ranked United States, San Francisco strong impression with visitors by beautiful scenery pleases people, exciting tourist activities, abundant cuisine along the massive architecture of humanity.

1. Move at San Francisco.

Transportation in San Francisco is very developed and rich, while traveling in the city, you’ll feel more convenient, fast and safe migration. Some public transport was used here as the sea.

– Taxi: the taxi system in here quite a lot, in terms of costs, the quite expensive but the convenience in terms of very high, move quickly, save time.

– Bus: bus network coverage in many places in San Francisco, it is the public media are the most used in the city, moving fast, cheap cost.

– Cable Car: this is the type of vehicle used extensively in San Francisco in the 19th century, but now it’s like a beauty on the streets of San Francisco, the cost of this medium is also quite cheap.

– Rental car: want to freely explore are many places in the city, as well as proactively in time travel then this media pretty well. You can ask the rental or hotel stay.

2. Which hotel should stay when traveling to San Francisco?

When booking hotels or stay in place should you choose the places near the major roads to facilitate the travel arrangements. With the hotel as close to the center of the city, the higher the cost. Best before starting a tour that visitors should book rooms before so will avoid many status as full, pressed, …

Visitors should consult the website like, … to find the hotels choice. Here are some cheap hotels in San Francisco have been synthesized.

2.1 The Pickwick Hotel.

  • Address: 85 Fifth Street, South of Market, San Francisco (CA), United States.
  • The hotel is just 24 km from the airport, from the airport is very easy to arrive at this 3-star hotel. Visitors easy access to interesting spots in the city like the Old United States Mint, Kenneth Cole, Sky Terrace. The hotel is equipped with amenities such as flat-screen television, wireless internet, air conditioner, fireplace, alarm service. Together these facilities at the hotel like the diverse recreation facilities, fitness room.

2.2 Red Roof Plus San Francisco Airport.

  • Address: 777 Airport Boulevard, San Francisco, San Francisco (CA), United States.
  • From here you can easily reach the city’s vibrant beauty at every corner edges and the attractions in the area is quite close to the hotel such as USAT General Frank m. Coxe, San Francisco Bay, Museum shop and Pez. The excellent service that hotel guests will enjoy as free wifi in all rooms, 24-hour front desk, parking.

2.3 The Mosser Hotel.

  • Address: 54 4th Street, South of Market, San Francisco (CA), United States.
  • The hotel is just 13.7 km, airport and near to the main tourist points of the city such as Beard Papa’s, Cartoon Art Museum, the Metreon shopping center. Besides, the hotel suggests you the entertainment activities ensure you always see in the excitement during the public holiday with good facilities here will be the point of stay excellent for visitors.

2.4 The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport.

  • Address: 1333 Bayshore Highway, San Francisco, San Francisco (CA), United States.
  • The hotel is located in the beautiful location of San Francisco, so you’ll be very handy in moving as well as the advantage of shopping, sightseeing, business center of San Francisco (CA). All of the guest accommodations are equipped with thoughtful amenities to ensure guests have a pleasant feeling unbeatable.

2.5 Serrano Hotel.

  • Address: 405 Taylor Street, San Francisco Center, San Francisco (CA), United States.
  • The hotel is just the fun activities in the City Center about 1.5 km. especially the location of the hotel easy access Xie, countless interesting places like Napa Valley Winery Exchange, Shannon Street Mural, Curran. The hotel is equipped with excellent facilities, including a fitness room, sauna, massages, to help you relax after a day exploring the city.

3. Delicious to eat when traveling to San Francisco.

Travel to San Francisco next choose the luxurious, expensive restaurants you can choose from the casual, cheap delicious back save costs, to the trip enjoyable and more meaningful.

Enjoy your food on the street or on the side of the stroller will also bring you unexpected experiences. Good food, pleasant weather (compared to the East Coast rather than in comparison to southern Cali), framing landscapes, the trams still jingle from centuries ago, great shopping, in a place like that, you need something more? And if you’re going to San Fran and want to immerse yourself in the corner very close of The Fog City, don’t forget to explore the following:

3.1 Sandwich.

Sandwich is one of the dishes the familiar streets of visitors when travel Europe, however in each country it has ways of processing and using different raw materials, creating 1 other dishes with different flavors.

In San Francisco there to more than 200 different Sandwich types, each type will bring a unique flavor and 1 attached a name to call also no less abundant. This is one of those delicious, cheap, in the streets of San Francisco that visitors should not overlook.

3.2 Cioppino.

Cioppino is the unique flavor dishes and the harmony of the sea, using the fresh seafood caught on the Pacific coast, through the hands of the tone of the talented chefs of San Francisco Cioppino, became the famous dishes in this beautiful city.

Important emphasis of Cioppino sauce is tasty features, have the sweetness of the seafood, spicy peppers and savory blend of spices together create a harmonious overall.

3.3 Burritos.

Burritos are traditional dishes that originated in Mexico, did not know ever that Burritos became a part of culinary in San Fracisco. Burritos have cake crust on the outside are made from corn flour, one omelette and grilled it on the stove, then retrieved his book with many materials inside such as meat, vegetables, shrimp, …

Bread can be changed to match the preferences of people eating, many places to roll with beef, pork, chicken, … combined with sauces such as tomato, cheese, egg, … to increase the flavor of the dish.

3.4 Beef steak.

Guests can enjoy a delicious steak beef disk in any restaurant in San Fracisco but if want to taste the flavor of this dish full of tourists should go to Miller’s East Coast Deli, restaurant famous for steak dishes. Not only attract tourists that even the locals also love this restaurant.

Slices of beef steak was seasoning taste, comes with special sauce as possible should increase the flavor when eaten, people eaten it with bread, cheese, pepper, mushroom, marinara and.. The Cafe was always crowded, so sometimes you’ll have to wait a bit to turn.

3.5 Pizzas.

Pizza is a popular dish in San Francisco and gets many visitors choose. The pizza here is very diverse with layers of bread abundance as hams, sausages, seafood, chicken, … the same class of cheese on top was melted surface cake incredibly delicious.

It only takes about $3 is you have been enjoying a pizza in any restaurant in America.

3.6 Enjoy Italian food in San Francisco.

Boccalone Salumeria restaurant is one of those restaurants earned the Italian flavor dishes, this place serves tempting dishes of Italy, is the most famous sausage dish. Not only serves Italian cuisine is not that even the style restaurant, the architecture here also possibly Italy.

3.7 To eat brunch in Hayes.

Hayes is the road like Dong Khoi of Saigon. About 10h30, you come to The Grove to eat a chicken soup with massive brunch, salad, lasagna, red velvet cake, a delicious glimpse of boys around the calendar girl bar and charming in front of Hayes. Eating finished, go around sightseeing, shopping vintage in Ver Unica, see Windows and glasses underground in Minimal, scented candles and bath milk in Nancy Boy, eating fresh cream in the Smitten Ice cream …

3.8 Seafood

Unable to San Fran without eating the oysters fresh shrimp, pink red grieves, I smell fishy sea survival oysters fresh up from the Pacific Ocean. Eat at Fisherman’s Wharf near the coast or Italian Little Italy area are delicious. If you do not know what to call, call the “clam chowder” i.e. part shellfish shrimp stew with tomatoes, the kind of onion.

4. Visit any location when traveling to San Francisco?

The city of San Francisco has a total land area of only about 121 km2, so visitors will be very easy to discover and experience many wonderful things here in a short time.

Tight area but there is no sense in San Francisco doesn’t have many fascinating attractions, San Francisco is the city of contrast between contemporary art and beauty culture impressed many popular tourist spots that you can’t miss.

4.1 PIER 39.

To PIER 39 visitors will take in the lovely sea lions or see the amazing scene here. PIER 39 is one of the first destinations that tourists should travel to San Francisco.

Not only the beautiful natural scenery, here you’ll be visiting, exploring many interesting things such as dining, entertainment, shopping, and.

4.2 Golden Gate Bridge – the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is not only a symbol of the people of San Francisco that she is famous in the world, to the most excellent impression in the hearts of visitors with its beautiful scenery.

The Golden Gate Bridge has a length of 1.7 miles, access for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. Each day there are about 120,000 cars run over the bridge, not only that it is also the famous check-in point of the young.

Completed in 1937, once known as the bridge could not be built today, it became one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

4.3 Alcatraz.

Alcatraz is a famous old prison is located on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, this was the place where detained many of the most infamous crimes of the United States. In 1960 this prison was closed, however it still kept many legendary stories compelling.

Alcatraz is the site of the first lighthouse in the American West, want to here you have to go to Alcatraz Cruises ferry from Pier 43.

4.4 Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world stretches for three miles on the western edge of San Fracisco, is a vast complex with many attractive sights such as the California Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum, San Francisco botanical gardens, children’s play area , the splendid flower garden and playground 20 sports, …

4.5 The Museum De Young.

De Young Museum is in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is one of the places where display of American art from the 17th century to the 21st century. You want to learn more in depth about the history, the culture of the inhabitants of this place, De Young Museum will be the great choice for you.

The Museum not only keep American culture but also to preserve the art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, the international costume, modern art, contemporary, …

4.6 Union Square.

Union Square was once the site of the demonstrations, support for the Union army during the American civil war, was considered the place kept the historical monuments in California.

Today it’s become a popular tourist destination in San Francisco, home to many luxury stores, hotels, entertainment venues, … all are contributing to help dynamic 24-hour Union Square, always brilliant and exciting.

4.7 Chinatown.

Chinatown is the best place to experience Asian culture, is inhabited by the Chinese in San Francisco. The entrance to Chinatown at Grant Avenue and lies in the way Bush called Dragon Gate, is the oldest street in San Francisco.

In the neighborhood you’ll feel the hustle, bustle here, famous restaurants, markets, temples, museums, shops, … all as 1 of China in miniature in the heart of the city of San Francisco.

4.8 Bike ride along the coast and up the Golden Gate Bridge.

You take a bike ride through the sunny beach where the couple kissing each other, the mother just jogging just pushing baby carriages, decent tone dogs run tung increased herds under home … and then pedal over the warm smell of scented leaf forests in the early morning, along the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito down all look like Greece rather than the United States. You will find repellent, but when seen in front of the legendary bridge is bright red, the distance of the sea and the sky a blue Republic just about chroma, a white sailboat and into the sea, you will keenly that the most beautiful thing is not the destination that is exactly the path.

4.9 To Fillmore Street.

If you like wandering window shopping and looking beautiful, certainly you must come to the Fillmore. Near Fillmore, on the Steiner has a cafeteria Vietnam named Saiwalks (a play on “Saigon” and “sidewalks”) sell noodle soup, rice and grilled rib fresh springroll wrappers with quite delicious, for when you get tired with western dishes and began to remember the sauce.

4.10 Walking aimlessly

Wandering the neighborhood should poetry such as Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Lombard, Broadway, you can see the House with the garden full of flowers, cherry blossom trees in the green grass rờn, looked at the door as short lived member of cake, macaroons or if you like, you can catch a tram went round to enjoy the feeling as being in San Fran in the 19th century.

5. What shopping when I travel to San Francisco?

After the San Francisco trip you’ll want to shop some souvenirs on gift for family, friends. Shopping is one of the incredibly amazing experience when you come to a new land. However, don’t be so passionate that you will waste a lot of money for this hobby. San Francisco is one of the most ideal shopping paradise of the United States with the famous address as Union Square, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf … If you buy find buy cheap items should go to Chinatown. Here you will find many rich items like fashion, souvenirs, art, Oriental medicine … In addition, you should also choose the time of discount, promotion to buy the item quality with cheap price. Below is the General stuff you should buy when come to San Francisco.

5.1 The San Francisco fog.

Canned Fog is one of the most impressive gift in San Francisco, the outside casing is the fog and the Golden Gate Bridge photos in San Francisco.

On the box stating not charged in-line warning “do not open the lid of the box, the contents will disappear”, inside the main box is the fog in San Francisco, so don’t be too surprised when you open the box and find everything empty.

5.2 Cable car model.

The cable car is popular vehicles in San Francisco in the 19th century, it was also seen as a symbol of the San Francisco so owned 1 cable car model after the end of the trip to San Francisco would be a great thing.

5.3 Photo San Francisco.

A photograph or a painting of San Francisco will help you capture the beauty of the famous attractions here, there are so many pics to choose from such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Ocean Beach, Presidio, …

5.4 Napa wines and Sonoma.

If you crush wines, Tuesday characterized the region featured in this domain then this will be a great gift for after traveling to San Francisco.

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