Mount Popa, U Bein Bridge – Heaven In Myanmar

1. Mount Popa
Bagan from the center about an hour ride, running through rugged trails, the two stretches of green rice fields are immense. Looking toward the horizon will open mountain peaks look like Japan’s Mount Fuji, the mountain that is Mount Popa. Mount Popa about 1581 meters high above the sea and is located in central Myanmar, Bagan urban way about 50km to the southwest. In the clear blue sunny day tourists come here from the river stood Ayeyrwady can also see the mountain.
Mount Popa is the pride and also the religious center of Myanmar. Temple on the mountain is a place to keep a lot of the large Buddha statue, it also attracts a lot of tourists and those devoted Buddhists from all over the country Myanmar and the world. To reach the top of the mountain visitors here will have to pass the 777 stairs up can be. Tourism Mount Popa visitors not only enjoy the fresh air, watching the immense river, land-air sightseeing tourists, but visitors also have the opportunity to hear the stories about the legendary folk beliefs , the god of protection for destitute people in Myanmar.
On the way to the top, visitors can repeatedly stop to visit different temples to worship. Nat worship time position to 37, visitors will hear the legend about keeping your house safe hem the Mahagiri Nat from the city Tagaung upstream Irrawaddy line, they were the king of Bagan is Thinligyaung help conceal. Their desire is that after death is to be located on the top Popa voluntary agreements. And the last two brethren, the Mahagiri became gods protect life miserable for people.
But besides that there another legend tells of Meday Popa, who, according to ancient legend, there are other names that live on top of capital Me Wunna Popa and feed mainly just eat fruit. She fell in love with love Byatta and speak with him, he is a royal soldier went to collect flowers from Popa Anawrahta king in the land of Bagan. Byatta disobeyed the king, who had opposed the marriage, their children were brought to the palace. Because the suffering should be dead with Me Wunna Byatta and they have become a Nat. Her two sons have become heroes while serving the king, but later they were blamed for the construction of the temple in Mandalay and were Taungbyone near the king’s execution. But they became two gods but their bodies Nat then was sent back Taungbyone where the main festival is held annually in October 8.
When standing atop Popa panoramic view around, the anxieties late disturb the clouds seem indifferent goes out. As long as you can enjoy the crisp feel magical landscape that few places in Myanmar have been.
Taung Kalat From the top you can see the panorama below, although the surrounding area is rocky but barren Mount Popa has 200 stream around it. The strong wind blew across will make visitors feel his heart strange serenity to the fairy domain between Myanmar.
2. U Bein Bridge – Come sunset
Myanmar Whenever mentioned, many people still think of the famous religious buildings and impressive as the Shwedagon Pagoda gold, Kyaikhtyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) or landscape beautiful natural as … besides Inle lake Myanmar still have the unique civil engineering at someone else tourists have known U Bein bridge that is, the bridge is made entirely of teak and has been the US recognized and put in a 12-point contemplate the most amazing sunsets in the world. Let’s travel Mixtourist Myanmar to admire the beauty of the wooden bridge them!

Situated on the outskirts of the ancient capital of Mandalay, U Bein Bridge is the bridge over the lake near the capital Taungthaman ancient Burma Amarapura. U Bein bridge has a length of 1,200 meters, this is the longest wooden bridge and also the oldest bridge in the world, it is up by more than 1,000 wooden pillars and thousands of wooden planks used for flooring carpet . Over time, the rain should spread some sunshine pillar decay and to improve the sustainability and safety of this column have been replaced by concrete columns. To this day, U Bein bridge continues its performance, and it has become an indispensable part of daily life routines of locals here
Once there you will see the U Bein Bridge Day still very busy, crowded passersby including tourists to visit, and nothing short of evil glossy coat of reddish brown monk’s kahcs colors to the local people. At every sunset, when the sun slowly falls, the local people and the Buddhists are concentrated here to enjoy the caress of the breeze, comfortably relax and watch brilliant sunset colors and unique every time night fell.
U Bein wooden bridge is one of the places in Asia can observe the most beautiful sunset. In recent years with the opening of the tourism industry of Myanmar, U Bein bridge has become an indispensable destination travel itineraries of tourists. However, the bridge has considerable length without handrails looked back down again, but the water is so immense moving across the bridge will be a very difficult thing for many travelers.
If you want to admire the beauty of U Bein Bridge, the best time is in the afternoon sunset and more pleasant weather, this time softer light is also accompanied by a cool breeze blowing across the lake Empire will bring you an indescribable feeling of free man. To watch the bridge, you can sit on the edge of the lake or can also take a boat on the lake to get a close-up view of this legendary bridge reflected on blue water lake and soak up the brilliant colors of light orange raging kiss.
If you are witnessing the sunset where she will see the sunset down on U Bein bridge and lake Taungthamay will be the most beautiful pictures in Mandalay. Coming to Mandalay you should not miss the opportunity to admire and experience the vibrant colors of the sunset unique, to be able to save those moments where the best deposits of this ancient capital and retained memories truth interesting to visit Mandalay, where the peaceful inhabitants, emitters, and extremely friendly and hospitable.
Two places on the two attractive tourist places in the list of beautiful places in Myanmar beautiful tourist that you travel to Myanmar to visit one time said. If to Myanmar without visiting these places, it is a shame. Travel World Wonder wish you had one fun trip. Come and feel the beauty in this land offline.

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