Tourism Myanmar and other attractive destinations can not be ignored ( Part 2)

Inhwa Village – a poetic destination, the oldest in Burma.

The trip to Burma will give visitors more experience, and the new country will be like a human race, especially when inhwa visits the village, where the small, lovely Ayeyarwady is lying by the river. It is not only a primary tourism famous in Burma, many tourists in the heart, this is heaven, friendly, hospitable, honest life, simple people here want to come back to see it again and again.

Inhwa charming village, peaceful lying outside the land capital, capital Mandalay, a lot of precious heritage famous so far. This is telling the bagaya Kyaung Abbey wood and namyin tower tilts. These work brings the classic posture, witnessed the ups and downs of history. It is more important than the hidden beauty of the exterior, and has a special significance to the hearts of the people of inhwa village.

The Abbey wood bagaya Kyaung reminds the great architecture of the system. Built from 267 columns forming a huge teak wood construction towering, a great architectural masterpiece flows to the later generations and is strongly impressed by any visitor to visit the Abbey bagaya Kyaung wood. Experienced many years of ups and downs of the history, time seems to be damaged in his many wooden part of the roof of the house, with the L p statue, is now tracking time contamination analysis. However, people from the life of inhwa today live in a wooden soil, not what to change. According to the old customs, here, you will feel the air like an ancient village, but it is still modern always remember the past, life had been through.

If the bagaya Kyaung is a marker of the ancient abbey wood work record, a lot of people’s lives, the villagers of inhwa tower namyin is a great place tilt proud people. The height of the building is 27 meters to this part, although the earthquake with the tower was destroyed, but in 1938 by the people in the village seems to be restored, since the creation of the world retains the original structure. The tower is the best place to enjoy the peaceful village from high inhwa. A peaceful place, there are mountains and water, trees and flowers, grass, leaves, these houses are beautiful scenery magnificent, like sitting on the tourist sight. So, most of the tourists to Burma in the legend of the village at the top of the tour.

The village inhwa attracts thousands of visitors every year, not only because of the old buildings, natural scenery, poetic background, diet or wealth. A square traveler who is very simple but easy to walk when inhwa imagines. What a beautiful morning dawn with high tourism climbed to the top of the tower behind the mountain? Then the sun falls, we sat in the car to enjoy the blue river passes quietly, the green fields in micro wind, high impact service these white rose. From a distance the child’s laughter resounded…… All in a inhwa sketch, in the quiet of their hearts. Inhwa village people are hospitable and friendly, very cute.

The Golden Rock – wonder, nature or man?

The golden rock is a huge stone, unstable on the mountain, 1.100 meters compared to the higher sea level than in 2500, the stone is still there, it seems that all resistance to wear and tear, traces of time. The stone temple are a layer of leaves glittering gold hammer, standing in the city’s point of view, from which we can see. This is not only a miracle of nature, human history is a legendary tradition, until today.

Burma, the state of the Buddha Temple, there are three important carrying treasure of the Buddha. The first one is Yangon Daikin temple, the temple two Maha Myat Muni is the last gold yellow stone. This is the three name is not only large commercial value means that the eternal spirit, so that visitors to explore from the world go around and visit. The golden rocks talk about rock. Taking into account the highly above 7,3 meters acid rock, gold micro, 15,2 meters or so, the Burmese name is golden rock, looks like no other huge stones are closed hammer, with golden leaves. The language of this Monday, temple, meaning htiyo temple and temple, is the head of the druids.

Jin Yan is a famous tourist place, most of Burma, Burma tourists come here to visit the temple and sightseeing people living here look at with reverence. The spirit contains three treasures of the Buddha Temple pilgrimage is of great significance, the mind is like a Muslim pilgrimage to the MECA temple. Jin Yan is the only truck traffic the tool can choose, if you don’t want to go to the forest or a few days.

There are many legends about the golden rocks. They can be oral traditions, false or false, true theories, and ancient traditions, until today. Legend has it that once Buddha came to preach, you gave him a hair, taik, reverend. The priest put his own hair in the hair to the king’s wishes, and the hair would be stored in a rock that had a shape like a priest near the head. In order to achieve this desire for the taik pardon, the king sent many soldiers to look for everywhere, but could not find such. Finally, the king asked God and goddess zawgyi Naga to seek help. The two gods came to the ocean below to look for stones, having the shape required of the taik to forgive the monks. The stone is then brought to the land and kyaikhtiy on the mountain. And Buddha’s hair can also be placed on stones and small temples, established the kyaikhtiyo name.

The golden rock moves visitors from the first level because of its instability. Also because the stone touched only the mountain, there is only 78 square centimeters, hanging in the air here. It can be said that this stone has existed for thousands of years, until today it is a miracle. The Burmese people believe that golden rock, the reason for this is because strong ship tawadeintha with the gold God God will put stones to the top of the mountain and rock load the boat rope. I used to transport the tawadeintha stone into gold rock it is about 300 yards, don’t let the gold stone. For some tourists who travel to Burma and enjoy, see a stone, the temple was closed hammer B The golden leaves in the unstable place are really the unique experience of the mountain.

Golden rock temple stone aka big is considered one of the most famous places of historic interest and scenic beauty state in Burma. Attractions are arranged in a very small masterpiece, the formation and preservation of nature, until today. Golden Buddha Temple Golden stone lies on the top of the mountain rock kyaikhtiyo, one thousand feet high, more than sea level and yagon city more than 200 kilometers. Taking into account the geographical location of large stone, lying on a stone egg, seems to be unstable mountain temple. According to legend, which is built in a very long period of time, this time, the Buddha still exist in the world before 2500 is true. Received oral tradition or you can simply however, there is no denying the golden stone, ancient rock temple is a sacred place, the largest in Burma.

Moreover, with the stones of gold, that is the story of the Buddha, preaching here, to put their hair. So this place is always a lot of pilgrims to visit and look at with reverence.

Some things to note when the Golden Rock Temple pilgrimage:

Female tourists do not close to the golden stone, only through a fence you don’t bother, look at with reverence. Because people in Burma Buddhism, there is considerable restrictions in the Buddha woman.

There are a lot of Buddha statues placed in every corner, especially some of them are exquisitely carved and studded with precious stones. They are the gold and the infinite clock of thousands and hundreds of diamonds.

Golden rock temple is most beautiful when the night falls, the temple becomes very gorgeous. Thought that as long as hide in the golden color eye, the cigarette is vast, the sound of prayer rises, just like the dream.

Until today, let the gold rock temple, can only choose one. The first one is walking through the thick forest or half car. The car sitting in the sun, just wind dust, people think that as long as the swing without stop when the car moves to the palace are reversed in a tortuous course game so strong feelings

In an hour, you can take a truck and walk to a stone or rent rock, with 4 lifts. The sedan chair is young, their health is good, the clavicle and two shoulders are lifted, bamboo has chairs to sit, you can sit there and move, just see the scenery. He sat in a car shake or beat the dancers away the surrounding beauty, it is a very unique experience. Cultivation costs about 10 yuan per person and five yuan of money to rent a car for the.

In front of the temple of Jin Yan, also don’t forget to take your shoes off, to conquer a new long road, climb to the temple. The people here believe that the sacred stone lying on the top of instability does not fall down, because it is to keep the hair of the Buddha. Only men are close to the legs and the drug blocks the hammer gold leaves it to the temple to pray.

Ananda – the most beautiful temple in the temple, in Burma!

Burma, Bagan ancient city, easy to move tourists, because the beautiful ancient state, peaceful archaeological sites, spectacular. The Sacred Land Bureau, retired by thousands of Buddha’s pagoda temples, is intoxicating and, of course, they have proved to be valuable engineering, significant history and religion.

Ananda temple is a typical example of the same. It is a long time ago, nearly a thousand years. According to legend, in the time of King kyanzittha pagan Dynasty (1084 – 1113), the temple has been in existence. It can be said that the Ananda temple is a structure of great masterpiece tower is now free of time is the most beautiful temple, PU Ganhua in America city. Until today, many changes of dynasties, the sea change Kuwata like temple Ananda remains close to the original, until today.

The key of Ananda temple is the most unique picture of the Buddha has four gold seal height 10 meters with four direction of rotation in the East, South, North and West Temple, two statues. In two directions, north, South, have the original, but the two statue remains to be damaged, but has been restored after. Four with the Buddha face expression of different themes, so when different visitors should pay attention to look at with reverence, the position of the.

In addition, Ananda has a free art value is very large, exquisite relief wall to surprise. These works are carved in stone, painting in the temple wall or ceiling, describes the Buddha’s life, grow up from birth until forced into nirvana. All the sketch delicate and unique to the temple Ananda very beautiful.

According to the ship ‘s said, the reconstruction of the temple, the light is said to be a mysterious legend, the eight pastor kyanzittha close to the king, they had a temple, a figure in Himalaya Range, where they had been sitting in meditation. The king was pleased and ordered the plot to build a temple like a monk in the plains of Bagan. Upon completion of the monk temple, the king ordered them to be killed, ensuring that the work was unique and not repeated anywhere else.

Then, the temple Ananda, built by the earthquake in 1975, was seriously damaged. Soon after, the Ananda temple has been restored and created enough respect. In 1990, the pagoda was decorated with gold leaves on the temple to commemorate the temple built in 900 years.

The temple organization Ananda Festival is usually held in the month of the year. It is a big festival in these lands, the famous Bagan. To participate in the celebration, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience many traditional ways of living in the local people.

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