Tourism Myanmar and other attractive destinations can not be ignored ( Part 3)

Village Mingun – emotions are hard to forget!

Perhaps, Mingun village is not the famous tourist destinations of the country Myanmar. It is often associated with Inwa and Sagaing as sets of three ancient villages outside the capital Mandalay. However, on a visit to the village is located right on the River back to back no less emotionally difficult spelling the word. Affordable little something deep, was elated where static bar space, calmly but also very charming, charming?!

Begin departing from the pier in Mandalay and then down the Ayeyarwady River, stream the 2,170 kilometres long, running along the length of the country, to come to the village of Mingun. Right from the initial moment, this journey has intrigued visitors by beautiful scenery where the banks of the river. The scene has just recently. Familiarity is because it is just routine image of the inhabited the river. Strange is because, through pure gold early morning sunshine tomorrow, we found everything incredible beautiful, incredibly clear, as filtered through a Prism, the scenery peaceful and she’s so marvelous.

Only with each other but on the banks of a river again carries the unique distinction. The West Bank adjacent to the central city of Mandalay are quite developed. It is the staging of high timber houses carried green gardens between the command, the flowers, the four seasons where the East Coast back like a desert with the ranges of the flaming golden sand with fine roofing tile House rustic, primitive. On the banks of the River, a Green Party full of life, the other party to bring back the harsh beauty of grandeur. The point of the banks was the rhythm of life, simple, slow, so is the cause.

The canoe as water line and then stop where Ben rivers of Mingun village. From the top of the village, ancient rice flower trees hundreds of years old Standing tall not would a God of protection for the people in the village. The wind has blown many little stalls with pictures, souvenirs or small dining restaurants. Fortunately, the people in the village of Mingun retains the rural idyllic strokes, his sincere regimens. Never pull, rowing scene you see scramble. Seems to work it through tourism is a daily task, such as fishing or doing the same. Mingun peaceful and charming still covered in may, as the unprecedented change!

Visitors can explore the village of Mingun by Stagecoach or wagon can also walk to the sights. The first destinations that you can visit is the ruins of the unfinished Mingun pagoda, an ambitious work of King Bodawpaya. According to record, the giant Temple in the year 1790 and constructing 150 m high but ultimately could not complete because the prophecy: the King will died when the temple was completed. Although until today, yet the Republic but the ruins still merits according to cover five months, enough to posterity admire and admiration. After this, the big earthquake in 1838 does not destroy the remains of the temple that as making it more unique, impressive part. Mingun pagoda way not far away is the giant Bell has the largest area in the world with a weight up to 90 tonnes are molded separately for this ancient temple but it is never used.

Perhaps in the photo on the magazine or a web page that has the updated Hsinbyume pagoda at Mingun image but when to take place, visualize the new visitors can see is the beauty of elegant dang subdued ancient temple. Named after the Queen by King Bagyidaw Hsinbyume built in 1816 in memory of his wife. The temple’s architecture is modeled according to the model of the Mountain God of Meru. The mountain is considered the center of the universe with seven layers of white muốt, winding corridors represent seven mountains around. You can climb to the top floor to admire the panorama of the village along the Ayeyarwady River in Republic Mingun under. This River is always slow, gentle as the people living in this place. Where Ben had rice flower River giant insisted its sideways reflected on the water. And then, far away from where she is the wooden boat with blue sails as hidden as shown in your smog at early sessions of essential dreams.

Golden Shwezigon pagoda- Ancient Temple first according to the architectural model pagodas in Myanmar!

Golden Shwezigon pagoda, one of the ancient temple city of Bagan, known as religious architecture and the most sacred are construction is almost 7 centuries. Shwezigon is also one of the temples in the early period, became the model for the arch Chiang Pagoda of the country then Burma. According to the material recorded, Shwezigon was built beginning in the time of King Anawrahta, who founded the Kingdom of Bagan. This King built Shwezigon with the purpose of storing some of the symbolism of the Buddhist. Out of which, the most famous is the copy of the symbolism most sacred tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Shwezigon pagoda was completed in the year 1102 in the reign of King Kyansittha.

Before moving into the main of the Shwezigon pagoda, you will see the Temple of worship the deity in the Myanmar traditional culture has many different shapes is located at the Church of the time left of Shwezigon. Four sides pagoda was built of four ranges of stairs leading to the top of the main tower with four corners four majestic lions hold the ceiling. Where the top of the tower is shaped through the bells on tails is located near the Summit with the circle, on which also attach the small bell. So, a passerby, you hear sounds leng leng of the temple. Shwezigon pagoda in also a tower of the shrine of the Buddha standing with gold with compassionate eyes, universal degrees.

Golden Shwezigon pagoda, Mahabodhi as well be viewed as the exception in the ancient city of Bagan by it are inlaid in gold from the foot to the top as the Golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. So, when night falls, the lights headlights reflecting from the temple cause around try flaming up, extremely magnificent. Shwezigon pagoda is not located in the old city as Mahabodhi, while it also does not fall outside the field as the other Shwezigon Buddha Temple back stand a realm near the bus station Nyang-U. Furthermore, a special thing is the Shwezigon until today almost intact despite some hundred years go, it seems like no time keeping too many traces on it.

But then, the big earthquake in 1975 led to the Shwezigon pagoda to bear heavy consequences. However, the people in the region the same international travelers contributed to restore the temple kept almost intact as new construction. Here, you will see the entire structure of the temple are plated with a layer of leaves Eagles but in the lower part of the tower and the terrace still retains the basic structure as originally constructed in the 11th century. Today, Shwezigon pagoda is the complex has an area of up to dozens of hectares, four high walls bounded surface. Place the middle of the complex is the giant golden temples, around the temples to different smaller along with the broad terraces, gatherings of the Buddhists or the place in preparation of the Festival in the temple.

The lang has led into the temple veil tomorrow are residents in the region to take advantage of the open ranges of the wholesale souvenir products or sell pictures. Souvenirs feature here is the extremely delicate sand paintings. It is possible that the painting depicted the landscape architectural motifs or temples in Bagan ancient city famous. Here, you will be dead silence before the Golden hues dazzled by featured temple between the deep blue sky. Can say Shwezigon is magnificent religious structures than the Golden Temple in Bangkok, Thailand or in Vientiane (Xang) or in Mandalay. There are not a few tourists like Bangan enchantment at a height of more than 40 metres of railway at Temple height, when sunset, red shades of gold as pigment both the large space, sketch up an enchanting as architecture.

Travel to Myanmar to visit the ancient city of Mrauk U.

The ancient city of Mrauk U was the capital of Akaran since 1430. Mrauk U is surrounded by tropical forests and high mountains a thousand baht, a brilliant painting between nature and the human hand form. To reach the Mrauk U, you can rent the ferries of the local population and takes about 5 hours sitting on a boat along the Kaladan River to Sittwe from the capital’s old city is Mrauk U. Sitting on the boat, down the river Kaladan fluted dreaming is both a peaceful framework in both sides of the green. Colors of life and quiet!

There are foreign visitors have been to this and says: “set foot on the land of Mrauk U, where the Department of retirement more than 700 ancient temple nothing else would like peanuts into Wonderland, home of the gods”. Maybe there are too many great religious buildings. There are temples owns more than 8 thousand Buddhas, there are temples to 9 thousand Buddha statues, … the most famous pilgrimage in Burma is the Mahamuni pagoda. Legend, this is where the Buddha has stopped and people ask Buddha Akaran that sculpt a statue of stature equal to the truth.

Mrauk U is the ancient city also abandoned by long lines of historical transformation so the temples here almost is built by stone dressings rather than with mud and clay as in Bagan. Here there are hundreds of temples to the temple with the different area, the Htukkanthein, Koe-thaung, Andaw-thein, Lemyethna, Ratana and Labour Temple. In it, the Shite-thaung archaeological value, the largest and most monumental.

Shite-thaung is a large temple was built from the 16th century. The temple is kept more than 8 thousand Buddhas pagoda also features photos of carved images of the King and Queen in the highest place of the temple, next to that of the nobility. The lower illustration is the daily life of the people as well as the girls are dancing, cross-training, army … all as a sketch of the Empire at the time.

Through the ups and downs of the history of upheaval, there are the effects of mother nature, the influence from the human hand that Mrauk U temples gradually damaged. Come here, you see it is almost true to its name, an ancient city not only the historic old hundreds, thousands of years old it because nature is gradually as wiped the works here. Rain storms, floods have submerged here sometimes for weeks. It may be the rift, sand covered all over the place. Just a bike ride on the wall also makes the dust flying everywhere, hazy covered this for Mrauk U as devastated ancient, now more than ever.

Famous Ngapali beach with white sand, blue sea!

Ngapali beach is one of the famous attractions in Burma, famous for the enchanting natural beauty. With the blue water and white sand shore dream-like stretching, Ngapali Beach break easily any tourist would set foot in here. Ngapali beach is about 3 km in length with soft white sand shore, moreover it is also surrounded by the lush coconut as cause for natural painting here a few more poetic sections.

If you are looking for a peaceful land, away from the noisy hustle of life urban Ngapali beach is probably pretty perfect choice for you. Moreover, it still carries the pristine looks has not been explored too much human waters should not be able to see the bottom of the sea under the oceans. Moreover, this beach is quite a fun destination for pilgrims of Myanmar want to drop in the fresh air of nature. You can drop the vacuum, strolling on a beach or scenic bike rides around.

There is a special point is the Ngapali Beach free trial completion. There’s a noisy, crowded scene, many people buy sale guys such as the famous beaches of Asia. In Ngapali, only peaceful vistas of the sea and waves crashing, the setting dawn early morning or afternoon sunset Ta let go down. Until today, Ngapali Beach remains the pristine beauty of its inherent.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of Ngapali are friendly, you can walk a round to visit coastal villages, will not be difficult to find pictures of the fishermen need accompanying redness processed seafood such as shrimp, crab, squid, fish, … for sale to tourists.

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