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Tourism in Myanmar, also called Burma, Burma is considered sacred by the Buddhists with the Golden Temple, the monks in red robes and countless prominent monasteries. Not only that, Myanmar also makes visitors overwhelmed the natural beauty of the landscapes, people and the amorous architectural greatness. What’s more amazing after days of work and study of fatigue, visit and explore in a new heaven?!

If you are planning a short trip for the coming holiday then choose Myanmar view?! Is certainly an experience not bad. Let find out the notable attractions of Burma!

Inle – Myanmar’s biggest freshwater lake.

Located on the mountain about 600 kilometer Yangon, Inle Lake is the largest freshwater in Myanmar. People around the region are mainly living on the Lake. Inle in Myanmar people’s language means Great Lakes. In Shan State, central location of the city of Taung-kyi about 40 km to the South. Inle Lake is quite special, in the position almost 900 metres above the sea level. Four of the high mountain landscape, Tu wrap. The area of the Lake about 200 kilometer vuong, the deepest place of about 6 meters. The water level varies according to the season, the difference between two shallow-water season and season filled with 1.2 metre range. When prompted to scenic Inle Lake, Myanmar consistently ranked top positions by the scenery especially beautiful, glamorous. What is called ‘ love ‘ marine Paint visible in the natural surroundings of the Lake.

Many visitors come here to see and previous beauty exclamation, charming but sometimes also very austere, so verse of Inle Lake. Moreover, this huge Lake is not only the famous attractions of the country Myanmar but also was inhabited from the ancient of the Inthar, an ethnic minority of Myanmar. In the Myanmar language, Inthar means “people who live on the Lake”. From a thousand years, Lake Inle is refuge to ethnic Inthar and takes place every activity live, a beautiful culture.

Probably quite strange but completely Inthar people living on the Lake. They built homes and structures on the Lake. All form a unique landscape, a fully extremely American accents. Affordable so that Lake Inle so popular again?! Well maybe, living and stick with the Lake Inle is already ingrained in the subconscious of people Inthar. So they created many unique ideas associated with this freshwater lake. In particular, the initiative was viewed as the greatest of them is the conduct of the cultivation of crops on water by creating the correct water hyacinth floating on rafts and MOSS and then fixed by the bamboo plant plug down the Lake. As such, the pot floating on the water will float drift according to the change of water flow in the dry season two. This famous fields not only offers many types of food in the life of the Inthar but also created extremely fun attractions, right?

The most common crops of people Inthar is the tomato varieties. Tomatoes are grown on the surface of the Lake is the most famous specialities of the region. Tv ears locals alike that “has come to Lake Inle which have yet to enjoy salads of tomatoes here, then regarded as the trip has become meaningless”. When the daughter came of age, the parents of her husband to marry her is usually cut them and known friends to make dowry. Live, just push it back to friends that the cultivation, cultivation, livelihood. An age-old customs are handed down until today. To search for a better understanding of the cultural life of the Inthar definition, has the right to affordable, visualize, hear, take advantage of the new ear to sense new, omniscient being. In addition to cultivation Inthar people live longer thanks to the fisheries resources are caught in the Lake.

Sporadically on the surface of the River, the light of dawn illuminates the place to the East, such as hidden as the silhouette of people tossing nets fishing on the Lake. The image of the man Inthar sailing by a foot with tiny dugout has become familiar, a sincere life photos, casual, from how this life. All sketch up painting the daily life that touched. Inle Lake is not only attracting visitors by the wild beauty and rustic resort attached to nature that it also is ideal attractions for tens of tourists who want to learn about the culture and history of thousands of years of people Inthar and the Myanmar General.

At present South of Lake Inle is still considered the land contains many mysteries, such as Bagan of Shan State. It is the ancient city of Indein also abandoned those architectural works built more than 10 centuries, where it was the capital of King San, or the cultural beauty of the minority ethnic community as the Padaung ethnic-long neck. If this went all crannies of Inle Lake Road, then don’t forget to admire the sunset scene. Try to imagine that view, the Sun from the sight words down to the Lake, dyed both the red eye-catching Orange horizon. The colours through nine for the clouds, silhouetted of shimmering magical scenery, make for visitors are overwhelmed before such glorious spectacle. And don’t forget, carry little food drink with a light, emotional music, enjoy her brilliant moment next to friends, relatives or lovers. Sure it will be an experience, a feeling that’s hard to forget in my life.

After visiting the Lake Inle is completed, available facilities and you can pedal up Red Mountain, the place specializes in viticulture and wine-making country’s famous Myanmar, which is also a tourist activity. What’s even more amazing when released under a canopy to Inle Lake setting, watching from above looking down, sipping a glass of wine drunk concentration, enjoying the cool wind suddenly come across. Suddenly we see the strange serenity crush. Not least the visitors surprised that I’m in a peaceful countryside of France romance?!

Shwedagon Pagoda-Buddhist works beautifully and the most sacred in Myanmar.

The country’s great wall of the temple, the famous Myanmar temple to no small impression in the hearts of visitors. Including the Shwedagon Pagoda, a golden splendor, decorated with diamonds and precious stones. The extent and scale of the feats it cause you are overwhelmed, can hardly say the invitation.

In the boat of the Myanmar recounts, Shwedagon Pagoda have years old 2,500 years. However, according to recent data records, the archaeologists estimate this works was built from the beginning of the 6th century. Shwedagon Pagoda appears in historical documents from the year 1485, when traditional gold up the towers were formed. Royal Burma at that time members often worship the Golden number by the number of times n or fold their weight to make the gold leaf inlaid onto the tower. From this life to another life, a hundred years, a thousand years, the number of less and more, gop donations back until today, creating a gold figure is up the Tower giant immensely.

Shwedagon Pagoda was pretty much restored Kingdom due to damaged. The cause, there are two factors, one is caused by natural disaster such as an earthquake Monday also is created by human war. Through these times of large earthquakes, such as the year 1769, or as the fire grew in 1931 led to Temple status making it the ‘ long ‘ so many times. However, despite the upheaval would occur, the Shwedagon Pagoda still stands top on top of the Hill. So this temple for the people of Myanmar have very important meaning, it is the symbol of national unity, the national cultural identity. Moreover, the Shwedagon Pagoda is also the site of many political activities during the independence of Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda was dubbed the most sacred Buddhist monuments of Myanmar. Monks, Buddhist believers or family are often pilgrims to the temple on the first day of the year or the holidays. People believe, the Shwedagon Temple cult seen as important as the beliefs of Muslims to Mecca once in a lifetime. Legend, Shwedagon Pagoda kept four meaningful treasures immensely important pile with Buddhists as Buddha’s Fishing Rod Save Ton of water filter instruments, Buddha Questions Na jaw, Buddha’s piece, Lettuce and 8 strand of hair Shifts of Buddha Sakyamuni.

The area of Shwedagon Pagoda is very large, up to 50,000 square meters. Located on the same sacred Singuttara along with highest spires up to 99 meters, Shwedagon Pagoda is not only the most famous attractions of the country Burma that it still is worth a pilgrimage destinations most sought for those Buddhists in and outside the country. Stand from anywhere in the city Yagon, you can also see this impressive work. Moreover, the Government also regulates construction works not skyscrapers not pass the height of Shwedagon Pagoda. If including no high ground too 160 meters. So, although in any city in the crannies, just launched the eye as you can see the Shwedagon. Extremely impressive and unforgettable!

The entire area of the Shwedagon Pagoda has a golden Buddhist towers with extremely sophisticated architecture. Massive main tower is still considered the most unique accents, is central to attract all the attention of Buddhists and tourists come here. There is a walkway around the carpeted towers help for people to visit the temple off to go on the hot rocks under the Sun. So, before entering the temple gate, you don’t forget to remove all the shoes out.

Shwedagon’s main tower is located on a square background how the ground about 6.4 m, with the striking Tower tops around. Around the Tower there are 4 small towers located in the four directions East, West, South and North along the 60 small towers are scattered. Height of the tower is the highest, the right 99 metres. The Tower has a giant Bell, Golden whole. Every year, large stables are inlaid in gold a new class. Part seven-storey tower East at 22 mph, numbers of gold inlaid on it weighs more than 1, decorated with gold bells, ringing the cauldron along countless sparkling gemstones, many of you. The top floor of the tower is more than 1,100 encrusted diamonds and 1,383 members too you. Top of the Tower there is a globe mounted 4,351 diamonds, the top is a giant Park up to 76 carat. Around the Tower there is a Buddhist Tower and the prayer hall are exquisite sculptures. This religious populations that make up the residential space, quiet, peaceful. Moreover, the four green surface encloses more and make the scenery here becomes more attractive than ever.

There is a rule you must remember when stepping on the Shwedagon Pagoda is the only monk and new men are on the terrace in the main tower of the Roman Empire. Women are not approached. However, this is not the action of gender inequality, such as in the culture of Myanmar people, restrict women in religious works is pretty common thing from before until now. Almost over 80% of the Buddhist temples do not allow women to near Buddha or a tower. Such as the area in front of the Tower, the temple Mu ……. Mahar Inle Phaung Daw Oo is just for men. Women also were not allowed to directly gold up some religious works that they are through men as father, husband or brother, his son, as the Temple of da gold.

When stepping on the Shwedagon Pagoda or any one particular pagoda in Burma, you must remember to never wear sleeveless tops and shorts. Better dress courtesy trousers or skirts to the knee, long past his chest, few openings, not face map penetrates or Legging pants. In addition, you should remember to remove shoes and socks before entering temples. When inside the pagoda, need silence, don’t make noise. Absolutely not be turned with the Buddha though is to take pictures. Must respect the monks and local people. Women don’t touch tourists and monks. If want to sacrifice or donated, they must use both hands.

Mahamuni Buddha – relics of the famous Buddhist Myanmar.

Mahamuni Buddha is located in the southwest of the city of Mandalay, the cultural center of the country Burma, is one of the landscapes attract many tourists to visit the many attractions in Myanmar. Mahamuni Buddha Buddhist relics is also famous as the most important pilgrimage of the Buddhists in Myanmar.

According to legend, in times of the Buddha visiting the Arakan King Candrasuriya, the fourth time to reign in the region have asked the Buddha to sculpt a statue by his size to worship at the Mahamuni Temple on the Hill Sirigutta. In 1784, when the King Bodawpaya occupied Arakan, he was to transfer the Buddha statue along the spoils and prisoners returned to their countries. He built the temple located at the foot of Mandalay Hill to preserve the most sacred Buddha at the time to assert the Gnostic.

Currently, in the Chief surviving power Buddha statue has a height of 3, 8 m, weighs 6.5 tons, was made of gold and decorated from the gem. Only men are is near and gold up statues. The Buddhists see the cult, pilgrims visited, continuous gold up the giant statues, gold class for overlap every day, as more and more. Have to say, this statue was raised under each day thanks to gold class that men in the beaten up. People take notice, map of thick dá Eagle are inlaid onto the sacred statue of was up to 15 centimeters.

Besides religious cult ceremonies of the statue, there are also some other rituals for Buddha statue was the feast of brushing for objects with brushes made from Neem trees and wipe face with scented water into the early morning. At the Mahamuni Buddha, until today still retain the six statues made of bronze from the Khmer Kingdom. In the 6 statues which the lion, 2 big picture describe the male Warrior and a three-headed elephant Erawan. According to the theory of spirituality, people believe, just overload the corresponding zone on the bronze statue, the illness will fly away.

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