Clare Valley – A blend of poetry and excitement

Beautiful Australia is a unique destination, unique features that visitors can explore forever cannot be exhausted. In any season of the year to Australia, visitors also find something impressive unforgettable. For example, with the upcoming Australian tour of the upcoming holidays, if your destination is Clare Valley, you will be greeted with a unique holiday season that will take place on

La Clarée is a valley in France located near the Alps, between Briançon and the Italian border. Called the “golden valley” because the leaves in the valley will turn yellow in the fall, the streams in the streams rippling rhythmic together with the wind fluttering through the leaves to create romantic scenery poetic Characteristic of the La Clarée Valley.

Most of the travel websites will clearly introduce the Clare Valley as an exciting and appealing destination. Not only beautiful natural scenery, romantic as the countryside painting, but the hospitable people will lead you to each building, wine cellar, church to visit to explore. Every point is a break to create the perfect for your trip. The Clare Valley is about 120 km north of Adelaide. It is one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, particularly famous for its Riesling wines and favored as the home of Australian Riesling. With the Mediterranean climate, it is an ideal place for the Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabemet Sauvignon, Merlo and Semillon. Most are born right here.

There are more than 40 major wineries scattered along the road from Aubum to Clare, some 40 kilometers away, and you can also take a bike tour of the Riesling. If you choose to explore exploring by bike, you will be able to see many beautiful landscapes, wine cellars along with specialties, souvenirs are sold pretty eye-catching in this area. During the festive seasons, the Clare Valley hosts a variety of events ranging from country-style performances to celebratory culinary festivities. The main content of the main festivities is to honor the wines and rich festival activities such as festivals. Most notably, the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend offers a variety of regional specialties. In December, there will be an interesting wine festival. Noteworthy in the gourmet weekend is held in May every year, if lucky you can be the first to taste the wine of the first year of production since the new line start.

Leave the wine cellars and special festivals, visit the villages of the ancient architecture, but still bear the Western mark of the 80s. You can stop to visit the village of Mintaro located Leasingham is about 11 km. Here you have the opportunity to view the buildings made of gold-colored stone like Martindale Hall. Today, buildings have been used by people here as galleries, restaurants of the region for visitors to visit. Or visit the Jesuit monastery and winery in Sevenhill, the Clareville Museum and the old police station museum to give you a sweeping view of the history and culture of the area. Along the journey of discovery, you can feel the beauty of poetry, romance is imprinted right in the field of rice bowls spread out so many visitors to swoon when visiting. Or to enjoy the delicious food rich in a diverse culinary culture, you can partly imagine the richness that is the cultural intercourse of the ethnic groups who migrated to the Valley Clare to settle down and make a career, creating a unique character for the Clare Valley does not overlap with any land.

The Clare Valley is famous for its Riesling wine and is often referred to as the home of Australian Riesling. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon and Merlo. The Clare Valley has more than 40 wineries, most of which are small wineries located 40 kilometers from Auburn to Clare.

Clare Valley is considered one of the attractions in Australia are very attractive to tourists. This destination also leaves a deep impression in the hearts of people by the landscape, architecture and human culture, all harmoniously, creating a friendly close, making people more and more love and People are more attached.

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