Conquer the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island Australia

Situated off the east coast of Queensland, Fraser Island Australia is the largest sand island in the world. This is an ideal destination that you can not ignore if you intend to come to kangaroo country end of this year!

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With its coastline, sand dazzles like the sparkling crystal of the sun, and the diversity of wildlife on the coast, the sea, Fraser Island is full of natural islands. Conquer all the most fastidious tourists! So, this is a definite destination that can not be missed, if you have the opportunity to own the most expensive plane in Australia from now!

In 1996, Fraser Island was recognized by UNESCO as the largest sand island in the world. Up to now, this place has constantly developed and embellished wild beauty with the beautiful turquoise of the meandering rivers and white sand beaches. The islander called Fraser K’gari or “paradise” to emphasize the magnificent beauty here.

Fraser is an offshore island east of Queensland, 200km north of Brisbane. The island is 123km long, 24km wide, 1840km2 area and is the largest island of Queensland, Australia’s 6th largest.

Fraser Island stretches over 123 km and the largest size measured is 22 km. With an area of ​​184,000 hectares, Fraser is considered as the largest sand island in the world. Fraser Island is a World Heritage Site of the same rank with Uluru, Kakadu and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Fraser is a valuable part of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, so the island is always protected and preserved.

Fraser Island is a place of extraordinary beauty, with unbroken white sand beaches, sandy cliffs that stand out to the sea, and over 100 freshwater lakes, of which some Green is green, others are blue, and all are surrounded by white sand beaches. Ancient tropical forests thrive on the sand along the banks of a clear river.

Fraser Island is the only place in the world that can find much rainforest and grow on sand dunes at over 200 meters. The vast sand dunes and colorful sandstone cliffs are part of the world’s longest, longest sand dune system and are still growing today. The tallest sand dunes on the island up to 240 meters above sea level.

The young sand dunes behind the eastern beaches are generally stable but not seasonally altered by spinifex and other coastal plants adapting to the salt and wind conditions. Also within the central part of the island, sand dunes are often very stable and have many nutrients for the development of diverse plant systems.

The sandy beaches on Fraser Island appear north of Eli Creek and consist of about 72 different colors, mostly red and yellow. The colors are caused by the osmosis of the oxides that produce the colors.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach is an excellent beach highway, where all road rules apply. The speed limit is 80 km / h and you have to give way to the plane landing and taking off. . Fishing here is great, but strong waves and possibly large sharks are dangerous so it is best not to swim here.

There are about 40 large and small lakes found on the island. These lakes are formed when organic substances, such as leaves, bark and dead plants, gradually accumulate and harden, plus the wind creates holes. The most famous lake is Wabby with a record depth of 11.4m. There are also other famous lakes such as Lake Mckenzie, with clear blue water and white sand, covering more than 150 hectares and more than five meters deep. This lake is located on a sand dune 100 meters above sea level.

Start your day with a swim in the ocean at Fraser Resort before breakfast at Maheno Restaurant. Then, this journey will begin with exploring the vast sandy island by renting a car! Drive along the sand dune to Mc Kenzie Lake, try to swim under the freshwater lake!

Then back to the resort with lunch at Sandbar with views overlooking the Sandy Strait separating Fraser Island from the mainland.

Coming here in the spring (from August to October), to the Hervey Bay area, off the Fraser coast, you will see large numbers of migrating humpback whales, including many mothers and newborn fish.

Fraser Island is considered to be home to a diverse array of indigenous animals on land and in water. If you are lucky, you can see a dingo running along the beach or a prehistoric lizard climbing a branch of a tree. The diversity of natural habitats in Fraser Island makes it possible for a wide range of animals to live in, while most of these species are considered rare or vulnerable. Rare, threatened or endangered species include dugongs, turtles, Illidge’s ant-blue butterflies, and Eastern Mustard butterflies. In addition, 47 different species of mammals on Fraser Island include Wallaby kangaroos, small mountain squirrels and Australian flying squirrels. More than 354 bird species have been seen on Fraser Island. The island habitat provides a diverse source of food, nesting and breeding areas for birds. Fraser Island is home to 79 reptile species, including 19 different types of snakes. The most common reptiles are Monitor Sand and Lace Monitor. These large lizards are often seen around the picnic area. Rare frogs such as acid frogs are also found by tourists in wetlands because they can survive in acidic environments. Especially from July to November there will be populations of humpback whales migrating through this sea

If possible, you will be able to see these creatures with their eyes as they approach your boat. This experience will be really enjoyable. End the day, have a romantic dinner at the resort of Seabelle restaurant with natural ingredients from smoked tomatoes or kangaroo kiddies offline!

One day may not be enough for you to experience the wonderful things on Fraser Island. The next day, rent a car in the Pile Valley, walk through the forests of Santinay, you will reach the most charming spot on Fraser Island overlooking the colorful lake Wabby.

If you have time in the afternoon, take a short sightseeing flight on the island. Everything from above is always great. Or if you want to relax, book a massage at the Naturefather Kingfisher salon.

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