Discover Cinquantenaire, the most beautiful park in Belgium

For a long time, travel in Brussels (Belgium) has become a difficult choice for travelers in four directions because of the beauty of a capital of beautiful architecture, beautiful but gentle at times. Satisfy the “fan” with its own warm atmosphere. And in particular, the name Cinquantenaire, the park has been called the capital’s brightest star, has been the most sought after.

Situated at the eastern end of the busy and bustling European Quarter, Cinquantenaire has a strangely serene and peaceful beauty. So far, the park has spread over a total of 30 hectares and was built in King Leopold II’s camp when he organized the 1880 national exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of independence of the Kingdom of Belgium. The renaissance of the park was rebuilt in 1905 with iron, glass and stone representing the economy and the Belgian industry, replacing the temporary design by Gédéon Bordiau. Standing in front of this huge gate, visitors will be overwhelmed by the monumental splendor and splendor of its sophisticated and sophisticated carvings.

The Cinquantenaire Park extends over a total of 30 hectares, built during the reign of King Leopold II to mark the 50th anniversary of Belgium’s independence. The park’s magnificent arched porch stands out, but still carved with soft touches that appeal to both domestic and foreign visitors.

The south side of the park is the Autoworld museum, one of Europe’s largest car museums. In the same area is the Cinquantenaire art museum. In the north of the park is the Royal Military Museum, which displays pictures, materials and artifacts of a military history of development and combat in Belgium.

Coming to Parc du Cinquantenaire on your European tour, you will be amazed when the eyes are a cool green eyes with fresh air, quiet that you have to heart. This is a great attraction for you to immerse yourself in nature, an ideal relaxing space in the heart of bustling and crowded city.

Topping the list of famous Belgian attractions and attracting tourists, Parc du Cinquantenare remains peaceful. Coming to Cinquantenaire Park, you will not only relax but also learn more about the history and culture of the Belgian people.

With such an unobtrusive area, Cinquantenaire is hiding what makes many people curious? The park is surrounded by picturesque gardens, showing off the green when spring arrives and radiating golden shine as it is harvested.

Or a mix of fountains and large ponds, all of which make people feel like being in harmony with nature, clouds, emotions are difficult to stand in a bustling city. Most Europe. After walking around the park for a round, visitors can stop in the rows of chairs to enjoy the view and can relax with relatives or friends.

The tour of Brussels not only brings visitors to the Cinquantenaire campus, but also the national architecture of Belgium around the place. The north of the park is the Royal Military Museum, where exhibits of photographs and documents and more than 900 artifacts recount a journey of battle history and development of the Belgian army. The first museum was located at Abbaye de la Cambre, and moved to the park in 1923.

Meanwhile, the southern half of Cinquantenaire is home to the Autoworld museum, one of Belgium’s largest car museums and the Cinquantenaire Museum of Art, displaying a collection of national artifacts dating back to the time The prehistory dates back to the Merovingian period (751 AD), and a set of antiquities of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, along with countless artifacts from non-European civilizations, China, Japan, Korea, pre-Columbian America and Islamic world, are also on display. A remnant of the Human Passions and Brussels’s oldest mosque are located in the northwest corner of the park.

In addition, you can also relax and stroll through the shady, bird-lined streets and enjoy the park’s peaceful, peaceful environment. Enjoy the most comfortable feeling with low cost airline tickets.

Most travel companies, when designing a tour of Belgium, visit the capital of Brussels do not forget to park Parc du Cinquantenaire on the route. By arriving in Belgium without seeing the Arc de Triomphe and walking in this magnificent park, it will not be to Brussels and the European tour will not be complete.

If you have chosen a Belgian tour, do not miss the Cinquantenaire, the most beautiful and beautiful park in the Belgian capital.

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