Statue of Liberty and interesting things you may not know

It is said that to New York without visiting the Goddess is not New York. Some people say too that, to the United States without seeing the Goddess of Liberty is not to the United States. The American pride is not unreasonable, because so many statues are beautiful, majestic and meaningful in many parts of the world, but no monument can speak much meaning, It is associated with many stories and recorded many records such as Statue of Liberty.
American tourists must admire the Statue of Liberty.
Why American tourists must admire the Statue of Liberty? That’s because there are very interesting facts about this statue that many American tourists are not known about. Therefore, Travel Great to explore the Statue of Liberty!

History of Statue of Liberty:

In the summer of 1865, at a party in Paris, a group of French intellectuals raised a glass to celebrate the future of the United States. They were active in the Restoration of the Republic in France. The democratic victory in the United States has given them a promising torchlight. Edouard René Lefèbre de Laboulaye, owner of the party, a famous intellectual who gave a gifted monument for the American Independence. The idea took over the mind of the young sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who was present there.
Bartholdi was previously commissioned to make a monument in the Suez Canal (Egypt). He sketched some models, a statue of an Egyptian woman sunbathing high torch. This option was not accepted but suggested to him the statue proposed by Laboulaye.

In 1871, he boarded the United States, went to many places and finally decided to choose the small island Bedloe at the mouth of New York as the place where the statue. The island is located in a beautiful sight, opposite New York’s two most populated areas, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Every ship entering the city must pass in front of it.

In America, Bartholdi plunges into composition. Experience from previous sketches and paintings by Eugène Delacroix’s “Goddess of Free Leadership” helped him build the statue “for the people” of the United States.
Statue is a woman wearing Greek or Roman women’s clothing in ancient times, the right hand holds the torch, the symbol of the fire given to humanity, symbolizes freedom, the left hand holds a The plate numbered Roman numerals 4/7/1776 is the American independence day. On the goddess’s face is a laurel wreath with seven rays representing the seven continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Africa, Arctic and Antarctica. At the foot of the statue, there is a broken chain that symbolizes the abolition of slavery and dictatorship in the world.
It is said that the expressive and graceful expression of the Goddess of Liberty is based on the portrait of Bartholdi’s mother, who encouraged the sculptor to enter the art. The posture and arms raised high the torch is the beautiful young woman Jeanne de Pusieux patiently stood as a model for his composition. Love arose, she became his wife.

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In 1875, in France, the French-American Society was established to donate money to build the statue. This was not easy to do because France at that time was immersed in Napoleonic III’s harsh feudalism. But finally, after 19 years of hard work, to overcome all the shortage of capital, materials, labor … the statue was cast in Paris in 1884.

About the process of casting and statues:

After the prototype was approved, Bartholdi led the statue at Gaget, Gauthier & Company. He applied the technique of embossing the thick copper sheet from 2.5 to 3mm instead of the conventional copper casting technique. The statue was assigned to engineer Gustave Eiffel (now, although not yet the Eiffel Tower, but he is famous for the large steel bridges). The statue is 45.30 m high, at that time a terrible height. The load-bearing structure is a central pillar consisting of four iron columns tightly tied together. This head is 29m high, anchored to the pedestal. At the top, there is a 12.2 m high second tower to hold the torch. Another frame system separates from the central pillar to attach the bronze castings of the statue, which is highly flexible, allowing the plates to flexibly adjust to temperature and motion along with the wind. Both statues can swing 10 cm, the torch can oscillate 13cm.

The statue is cast in France, while the pedestal in the United States has been commissioned by American architect Richard Morris Hunt since 1881. But Americans do not believe in the success of this bold project, claiming that it is only a project. So far, three years after the new design was approved and so far slower than the progress of the French side. The 26.7 cm tall, twinkling statue stands in the midst of Fort Wood on Bedloe Island.

After a period of exhibition at home, on 19 June 1885, the French ship Isere carried the statue disassembled, contained in 214 wooden crates to Bedloe Island. In May 1886, the statue was erected on the pedestal. Workers used 300,000 rivets to attach 80,640 pieces of copper to the frame without using scaffolding, which usually worked by hanging in the air with rope.

On October 23, 1886, the last panel was completed. Goddess of Freedom faces the sea in the middle of the sky.

On October 28, 1886, officially handed over the statue of the French people to the American people in a solemn ceremony in the joy and pride of the two peoples. The whole city pours into the street and drags to the port to witness the inauguration. A large fleet, bringing the colors of the parade on the sea. US President Grover cut the opening band.

From that day, the United States has a “national treasure” of historical significance. At that time, America was rich and wild and was receiving immigration from all over the world. The goddess symbolizes this fledgling country, standing at the entrance, raising the torch to illuminate the entrance to the land of freedom, with a wide openness of tolerance, ready to welcome those who are miserable, The soul is tired of a heart injury, the people who go to the homeland to find new life.

The goddess torch is as bright as 2,500 times full moon. There are no statues in the world bigger than the Statue of Liberty. There is no place on Earth to welcome the people of the east as far as New York, just as poet Emma Lazurus poetry carved at the foot of the statue. “Come here, tired people, poor …”.
The poem evokes the image of exiles who flocked here in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, making New York the largest city in the world for hundreds of ethnicities.

The Statue of Liberty has become a world-class tourist attraction with 2 million visitors each year.

The former monument, a fortified monument, is now a museum of the history of the birth of the monument. The elevator system and hundreds of steps leading visitors to the top of the statue. Only the inner space of the head of the statue can hold 400 people at the same time. From here, looking out of sight, you can see immense seas, cruise ships as well as New York City with majestic skyscrapers. It is a pity that there is no longer the towering Twin Towers, which were crushed by terrorists 10 years ago.

In addition to attracting millions of immigrants to neighboring Ellis Island, the statue has a more practical function than making the lighthouse, which guides the ship into the bay. So at first the statue was placed under the management of the US Lighthouse Commission, and then, under the management of the National Park.

Statue of Liberty and interesting things you may not know:
1. The full name of the Statue of Liberty is Liberty Enlightening the World.
2. Before the September 11, 2001 event, the statue of Liberty was opened for visitors to climb up to the crown of the statue and view the harbor of New York. Following the September 11 terrorist incident, authorities allowed the statue to be reopened in 2004. However, until 2009, the goddess crown area was reopened.
3. The torch on the right hand of the goddess symbolizes light that leads to freedom, equality, and charity. The flame on the torch was gold plated 24k in 1986. This was the fire that Promete brought to man. This is also a symbol of American independence.
4. In the 1980s, the statue of liberty was remodeled at a cost of millions of dollars. It was during this time that the torch on the right hand of the goddess was replaced by a new torch. This change is due to the fact that the old torch has been so corroded that it can not be repaired. The goddess’s left hand holds the sign (many sources claim that this is a book) engraved on July 4, 1776 with Roman numerals (VII IV MDC CLXXVI). This is the day when America is independent.
5. Staircase in statue goddess of 192 degrees, also want from the highest stairs up to the goddess crown, visitors need to go 354 degrees spiral again.

The goddess sandals go up to 7.5 meters, in other words the goddess sandals of size 879. This is quite suitable for the body weight 225 tons of goddess. Every year more than four million tourists visit the statue of liberty.
The crown of the goddess has 25 windows and seven spiers symbolizing the sun’s rays. There are also opinions that these 7 spikes represent the seven oceans.
8. Americans also made a replica of the goddess of liberty to the French. On 5 November 1889, this replica statue was officially introduced to the public and French people on the banks of the Seine – Paris.
9. When erected in 1886, the statue of liberty was then the tallest statue in the world. By 1984, the statue was officially recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
10. The green statue of the goddess is free due to the chemical reaction between the thin copper layer that covers the statue with external elements. Initially, the statue was sepia.
The Statue of Liberty was still a symbol of immigrants during the second half of the 19th century because statues were the first thing immigrants saw before landing. During the years from 1886 until 1902, the statue was also used as a lighthouse for seafarers.
12. The image of the Goddess of Liberty is also printed on the $ 10 note.
13. And not just a copy of the statue of liberty, there are many statues of freedom in the world, such as in Norway, Japan, Taiwan, England and the Philippines. To Vietnam, there is also a copy of the statue of liberty. In Cua Nam, Hanoi, the statue of Mrs. Stretch is also considered a replica of the statue of liberty.
Above is some information about the Statue of Liberty in America. Wish you read will have the opportunity to visit this famous statue and get the highest position on the statue.

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